Sunday, May 18, 2008

Caution: I didn't proofread...

So the garage sale yielded $24.40, a sunburnt line on my scalp and a lovely red nose (with a designer sunglass stripe between the eyes. Very chic.). I actually did stare in amazement when a lady offered me $1.50 for the exersaucer (with Discovery Toys' links and toys attached!) that I had marked for $2.00. Forgetting my previous decision to just give it away, I stated, "Uh, NO. It's only two bucks!" to which she grudgingly bought it anyway. (DUH. It's a freakin baby center of fun, in great condition, and you're honestly going to try and HAGGLE with me??? Over TWO DOLLARS???)

We are now the proud owners of another DVR! Whooot! The kids can record their crap on one without interfering with my recordings of Lost, Men in Trees, and Medium. (and Jon and Kate plus 8, Little People, Big World, ER, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Extreme Home Makeover, Oprah... geez. I watch too much tv, eh?) I only had to allow a strange man access to my bedroom that had NOT been cleaned (ahem. dirty underwear anyone?) even though my husband assured me that no one would need to go upstairs... sigh. AND the Dish guy was here during my garage sale!

My mom came over bright and early on Saturday to take Evan to his game at 9:15. Only, his game was at 11:15. Um, oops. Sorry! We ended up hanging out all day, she took him to the game (they won. Mom said he was cracking her up when he was goalie. Reminded her of watching me play t-ball. La la land is stating it nicely...) and then the kids all ran around in the back yards for several hours, while I raked in the quarters. After the sale, I managed to scrape the dirt off of Evan (literally, cuz I let them dig for treasure underneath the tree) and then headed to the farm that my mom boards her horse at. And Evan trotted for the first time! Usually he's too scared, but he was laughing and giggling! They both love that horse.... Sigh. I guess I had better get used to the idea of visiting more often. But, after many summers spent with my best friend and her horses, helping at county fairs and such, I am about horsed out. They're nice and all, but I just don't have the horse-love bug. I will say, though, that it was cool to see Evan help Nana pick his hooves and they both brushed him down. Oh, and fought over who got to sweep the manure more. Fun stuff, eh? Nobody fights over sweeping at HOME! Maybe I need to just spread animal dung on the kitchen floor, and then they'd be all over the chores...

Headed over to my mom's house to give my dad his birthday present and, before we knew it, time got away from us and the thunder storm was rolling in. So, we crashed at their pad, and came home early this morning.

I was so excited to hear Patrick and Justin come in from scout camp this morning! They were Filthy. Eewww.... Literally, I could smell them. Justin proudly showed me his b.b. gun target sheets, told me about the endless games of dodgeball and wiffle ball, and grinned from ear to ear about doing the archery for 8 turns in a row. They did tie-dye, hiking, crafts, and campfires. All in all, they had a really good time and I'm so happy for scouting and the chances he gets to hang out with lots of other boys outside.

Whew. That's my weekend in a whirlwind. Truly? I'm EXHAUSTED. It's sunny and gorgeous but cool out, and I can think of nothing better to do than to finish an old book while listening to my boys play Pirates on the Xbox. And so, I shall.
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