Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, Sunday....

All it takes is a visit to my sister's house, holding my tiny nephew, to bring back those baby memories for me... A bit of longing, yes. But I am coming to terms, on a daily basis, with how our family is full. Complete. Anotherbaby would always be an awesome surprise, but I am good with our family, as it is. I don't wish for another baby: I just wish I could hold the 3 I've had AS babies, again. Make sense?
Whenever I get a new comment, I click over to return the favor and see who was interested in me enough to respond to a post. I am always amazed at the variety of visitors that say hello! Especially when I click to their blog and find a true gem. Someone with real talent that makes me wonder what in the WORLD they could find in my little blog that is of interest!

Anyway. Not to single anyone out: you know who you are. Truly! (I don't want to make anyone feel bad by NOT mentioning them). But, Wow. Thanks for visiting. Thanks for considering me, even if only for 32 seconds...
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