Saturday, April 12, 2008

Junior Prom...

I saw this theme on Don Mills Diva and decided to jump on the band wagon, especially as I'm feeling a bit empty-headed lately...

Prom. Ah, prom. Fancy dresses, hair in an up-do, and a wrist corsage in the RIGHT color were really important back then... I always had fun at my school dances. I LOVE to dance, (though it has come to my attention that I dance exactly like my mother... which is neither a good/bad thing, but it's a bit disconcerting, you know?) and always go wild and crazy on the dance floor. (Speaking of which, if any of you need a person to start the dancing at a wedding or something, my husband and I are always up for a good party! We get crazy and dance all types... Though he was a bit hesitant about the Latin music at the last one...)

I digress!! (shocking, I know)

Here we have Tracey, circa 1993. Beside me was my boyfriend (not my husband!) of a long time. We dated off and on for a year or so, and always got along really well.

The dress was and is my favorite dress of all time. Fit perfectly, made me bustier and thinner (like I needed to be thinner back then...) and made me look older than my years... (funny how that isn't a requirement anymore...)
I had these really cool, TALL pointy heels that had about 6 straps criss-crossing over themselves, and my mom had made hairpins with little red roses that I tucked into my French twisted hair.

Here's a question: Why did the guy wear the garter on his arm? I don't get it, nor do I remember why it was not only cool, but NECESSARY, or ohmygod what would we do?

Here's a list of other people doing the theme, much better than I did, but still.

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Please join in and then copy the list for the end of your own post, adding your own name, too!

(I hope those links work!)
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