Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No joke...

Holy Moly, I'm tired. Just a quick whine before I go on about how much I love my 6 year old!!!

So. Typical night for me, where I toss and turn, and stare at the ceiling for hours. Finally, I feel myself drifting a bit when the phone starts beeping. Beeping. Beeping. From somewhere downstairs, signalling that it's battery is nearly dead. Great. So, I traipse through the house, pausing every 4 seconds to hear where the phone was left, locate it, recharge it, and start to head upstairs. But, I am freaking out at that point because the backdoor wasn't locked and, you know, vampires might start rushing into our house and eating us, like in that movie that Patrick made me watch the other night! So, I jam the door block in place, while making that girly, high-pitched squeak of fear, and then race upstairs. I literally jumped into bed and got as close as physically possible to Patrick without violating him.

Again, the drifting only begins after I calm myself down after THAT mess, so figure it's about 1 am, m'kay? Around 1, I hear Corinne crying for me, which means she has to go to the bathroom. No big deal, just a bit of an annoyance cuz I was starting to fall asleep... EXCEPT, she has had an accident and is very upset that her sheets are wet (not that bad, actually. She still manages to stop the pee, and go in the bathroom. She's got a bladder like no other!) . So I get to totally change her and her bedding. Again, thankfully, she goes right back into bed and stays asleep, no soothing needed by Mommy. Thank God for pacifiers, eh?

Alrighty. No clue of the time now. Except that there is nothing on t.v., and I am wide awake. I watched a bit of Batman and Robin (man. That was the worst of the Batman movies...) and a recorded Oprah, but Suze Orman was on and, no personal offense to Suze as I'm sure she's nice enough in person, but she annoys the shit out of me, so I was left without entertainment. Hmph.

Staring at the wall...

Ah! Start drifting again.... peaceful....

THUD!! I was out of my bed and running before I even knew who had fallen. It was Evan and the floor upon which he'd rolled onto was not a safe one. He narrowly missed his head on the stool he uses to get into bed and landed on a big ole pile of Legos and Star Wars ships. I had him in my arms, and was checking him all over but he just cried for 30 seconds and then fell back asleep. Must be nice to be a kid, to sleep so soundly, eh?

Ok. Everyone else is asleep. I am now more awake than ever and still have visions of falling children, vampires and piles of laundry haunting my mind. Watched a bit of Red Dawn, but began to have visions of having to escape enemies on American soil and deem that an unwise decision and so, turn the tv off. I do manage to pass out sometime around 3 am, only to be awakened by Patrick's alarm around 5. He is making more noise than I deemed necessary, and I managed to grunt a few complaints about lack of shut-eye.

I stumbled downstairs around 6:30 to make bunches of tiny little pancakes for Evan's birthday breakfast. Managed to not burn them (amazing) and even get the kids up to eat. Of course, since it's his birthday morning, he's allowed to play a little Xbox in the morning, so I'm struggling to get them to the actual table.

I am getting foggy-minded right now. I have a whole bunch of sweet and mushy crap that I want to write but that'll have to wait. Must reheat and drink this coffee....

Back soon.
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