Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh, Flarp.

Corinne is walking around making the Flarp fart... over and over. A proud moment in any mother's life. Thank you to my sister for that lovely gift...

Evan turns 6 tomorrow. SIX. "Jeepers Golly!" as he would say. (not kidding. I don't know where he got that phrase, but it kills me every time!).

I'm spending the next half hour filling out the forms for them to go to Cub Scout day camp this summer. BOTH of them. Sob!! Unfortunately, the forms scanned into my email reallllly teeny tiny, so I'm squinting a bit and practising my penmanship.

Aaannndddd... now they're arguing over the Flarp. She just ran past with strings of Flarp following her... it was all over her hair, the carpet and a Transformer. Lovely.

See? 5 minutes alone for a 2 year old, and they can destroy whole villages.
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