Monday, April 21, 2008

Decaffeinated rambling

I scrubbed six extremely dirty feet last night. Washed 3 heads to get the dirt and grass out of their hair. Wondered at how a 6 year old boy truly CAN have a dirty neck, just like in those nostalgic books I've read. And then I sighed over the futility of it all. Because, my friends, spring has sprung and my children will be barefoot for the next 6 months, give or take.

And all I can say is Thank God!! It was a long winter, was it not? Winters that feel drawn-out and extremely frigid make me wonder at the intelligence of my forefathers. Truly, was there no where else to settle? Really? Hmmm... Not even a little further South, where the winters are 2 months instead of 4-5? How did one survive such a long time in a small hut or cabin with no entertainment, little food, and NO space? No wonder our ancestors were stricter parents! They had no room for bratty comebacks when they all had to sit and stare at each other every day. Of course, the kids probably didn't have time to think of snappy remarks, when I think of the chores a child must have had to accomplish each day....

Holy crap. I'm tired. I have no idea why I just typed those 2 paragraphs. Probably gonna lose half of my readers. But dude - I couldn't fall asleep last night. And then, when I did? I had dreams of birthday parties for 500 people, with toys piling in on top of me. And I had a dream that there was a smallish dog in our backyard that I couldn't get rid of, so I was chasing it while I wore perfectly white socks and the grass was wet... See? Again - I have no control over my fingers. Gotta drink some more coffee...
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