Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rock on, party people

How many married women can say that they went out with TWO gorgeous younger men on the same night? Oh, and that her husband knew about it and was gung-ho? My dates,

Aren't they cute? It was the Mother Son dance last night, and the boys and I had a lovely time. Evan is a dancing MANIAC! He and I did just about every dance, except when we were heading to the snack table for McD's orange drink and Chips Ahoy... Yummy. The school spares no expense, you know? He did the Chicken dance, Thriller, and lots of 50's rock songs. (oh, apparently it was a sock hop, but I missed that bit of information... oops.) Justin danced a few dances, but mostly ran around the gym with his buddies. I did manage to wrangle him to my side for a few forced moments of Mother/son love, but he did it while rolling his eyes (and smiling). I totally made sure to embarrass him as much as possible, especially since he wouldn't dance with me too much.

I was cool for a few minutes, though! I was the FIRST mom to get in line for the limbo contest. Yup. In a skirt. I did pretty good, too, until my boy-chest managed to hit the bar, somehow. Probably the first time in my life that my boobs have gotten in the way...

All in all, it was a nice night. Very hot gym, lots of loud music, but the boys and I had a good time, and I held back the tears as I watched them standing together in the hall, just chatting with each other... My boys. I breathed in that lovely elementary school smell and recalled my own school experiences. This night is definitely a keeper in my mind.

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