Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cyyyyyyyyin, over you....

(make sure to sing the title...)

Man, my daughter has got a set of LUNGS on her. I'm sure the neighbors are glad that it's chilly and my windows are closed. Who knew that saying that she couldn't throw her rock collection from the walking path onto the kitchen floor would cause such a ruckus? Who knew? (obviously, not me, or else I'd have thrown them with her, to try and avert this tantrum).

And she just came over to me and asked for candy. At 8:30 in the morning. Guess what my answer will be. Go ON! Guess!! And you can just guess how happy she's gonna be. She's still asking. I'm trying to divert her onto cereal without acknowledging her candy request.

Aaaannnddd, she's diverted. Found her brother's water bottle for soccer. Just as good and fun as candy, eh?


I must have totally blocked out the fact that I may be chaperoning for Evan's field trip tomorrow (though they haven't contacted me to confirm yet. Grrrrr....) and so I have to clean my house. Otherwise, when Patrick's aunt arrives to watch Corinne, she will be thoroughly disgusted and never visit again. (I jest. She adores our kids and would still come but my embarrassment would be great). My favorite activity! Cleaning....

And so, my good friends, I must go and stack piles of crap into neater stacks, vacuum the obvious crumbs and hope the hidden ones aren't noticeable, and try to put all of the laundry away in one day. All while entertaining or, at least, not ignoring, my 2 year old.

And doing it with a smile.....
disclaimer: I will not actually be smiling while cleaning.

Ok, wait a minute: I just heard an ad on tv (yes, Corinne is being babysat by Ni-Hao Kai Lan while I scrub the bathroom) for Lysol. Something to the effect of "It gets into places that you can't even reach." Um. If I can't reach them, then why do I care if there are germs there? How exactly does having a toilet free of 99% of germs give me peace of mind?? Guess what? DON'T put your hands in the toilet and we won't have to worry about those germs or viruses that the commercial claims are lying in wait for you... Gad. I am trying just about ANYthing to get out of cleaning, aren't I??

Back to the bowl.
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