Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day!

Hmmm. Apparently it pays to double check the dates on the permission slips. The field trip isn't until the 15th but the slips were due back to school by the 1st. Aha.

Good thing I got that email from Evan's teacher before I started cleaning upstairs! I mean, I might have actually had a CLEAN house for no good reason! Whew... close one averted.

Hey - who else feels bad for going on and on about wanting Brooke off of American Idol? I felt so bad for her! I mean, she or Jason Castro needed to go last night. It's a given. But she was so sad... She would be better with songs she really loved and on a stage with other musicians. AI just isn't for her. However, I canNOT imagine having to SING after losing such a big competition!!


Onto today! It's supposed to be 71 out and partly sunny, so we are going OUT. Corinne and I will play bubbles and swing and possibly do Play-Doh outdoors (FYI: the best place to do play doh is outside. Any pieces that don't get cleaned up simply get brushed into the grass. Trust me on this one.)

Who else is amazed that it's MAY??? Holy spumoni, how did THAT happen? I hope the spring and summer don't fly by for us this year. Though, I am looking forward to next fall, with just Corinne ALL day long! She and I will go to parks outside of our town. We will have mini-field trips to the zoo, petting farms, and kid museums. All of the things we couldn't do this year because of having to be back for kindergarten pick-up. Of course, I cannot imagine my baby boy in school all day long, eating lunch there every day, but I know that'll pass...

Feeling a bit scattered this morning! You're just catching any little bit of whimsy I feel like, aren't you?

Speaking of Evan growing up, I have to head to the Chalkboard store for the Cub Scout stuff for him!! 2 boys in scouting.... He is so excited! After 3 years of watching his brother do the fun things and go to the fun outings, he gets to join in. I'm happy for him, but trying to block out the extra work this will mean for me. Scouting doesn't take THAT much time, but in addition to them both playing soccer, the extra curricular activities are starting to pile up. Thankfully, soccer is only for a season each time. We usually skip summer and winter and only play spring and fall. This gives us all a chance to breathe easier. Won't my life be WONDERFUL once Corinne gets into Girl Scouts and an activity of her choice? I'm thinking dance when she's really little, but she will surely want to do soccer like her brothers.

Hmmm. Little dull for you all today. I swear to have something a bit more interesting tomorrow. Guess I'd better follow my kids around with the camera, eh?
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