Friday, April 25, 2008

bloggers loggers floggers

I swear, today started out pleasant enough!!! I swear! Walked the boys to school and Corinne and I spent a lovely morning at the park with a neighbor. Came home, got a couple of loads of laundry going, some dishes done and then headed back to get Evan.

And then... all hell has broken loose. I am yelling with clenched teeth right now, typing between each word or else I will surely explode!!

I want cereal! No!!! Not THAT cereal! NO! DON'T GIVE it to HIMMMM!!!

You gave her more! Where's minnnneee???

I wanna watch tv!! NO! NOT THAT SHOW!

She gets to do everything firrrrsssstt!!!!

Mommmmmeeeeeee!!! WHINE.WHINE.WHINE.

~~~Wait. A pause in the screeching.... Ah yes. Wonderpets are saving the beetles. Thank you Wonderpets!

This weekend is exceptionally busy. 2 soccer games Saturday morning after which I immediately go to get my hair cut and my grays colored (quite the streak going on right now). I then head right over to get a hot stone massage, courtesy my dear hubby and kids from my birthday. Hope it doesn't burn... hmmm... Well, even still? It'll be an hour alone with NO one asking me to do ANYthing. After a lovely, relaxing afternoon by MYSELF, I will head home, get gussied up with the fams and go to dinner with Pat's mom and boyfriend for a retirement party.

Literally, Saturday is entirely non-stop. Thankfully, Sunday I get to go out AGAIN by myself, to a luncheon for moms from Chicago Moms Blog! Can't wait to meet several bloggers in person!! The question is, though: what can I make TODAY that will still be fresh by Sunday, as I don't have any time to cook on Saturday??? I'm thinking muffins....

Hope your weekend is fun and safe!

You know what's funny? The spell check on this blogging program doesn't recognize the word "bloggers." Heh. Heh. but floggers? That it knows...
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