Sunday, March 02, 2008


Whew.... Ever have a night that ends up going a direction that you DID NOT expect? Patrick and I went out for dinner last night, just to Chili's, just for the heck of it, without the kids. We ended up having one of those soul-searching, gut-wrenching, emotional conversations. The good kind, no doubt; one that will help us to grow and communicate better, but still? Emotionally and physically draining... We covered a lot of stuff. Stuff that I won't go into, but stuff that is important for every couple to discuss. We came to a lot of agreements over changes for both of us...

I am so grateful to be married to him. To be married to a man that (although he might not know it) communicates better than most men I've heard of.

The boys are still at Grandma's house (overnighter) and we just got back from the mall with Corinne. I'm going to surf the web and eat my leftover fajitas from Chili's and let my brain rest from my own life for a while...
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