Friday, February 29, 2008

Mama Bear

Evan was sitting forlornly on the family room floor a while ago...

"I'm afraid they'll laugh at whatever Lego ship I build. It'll never be as good as theirs are..."

Broke. My. Heart.

Also? Made me want to throttle his brother and friend. (I somehow got roped into a sleepover tonight.... Not quite sure how...)

I sat on the floor and helped him construct the coolest of cool Lego ships. I also told him that if anyone ever hurt his feelings and laughed at him, he needed to remember that their opinion isn't as important as HIS is. I also told him that I'd smack any kid from here to the Moon that made fun of him (which, in hindsight, might not be the best reassurance. But I was flying solo and angry...). He smiled with his new ship in hand, and walked into the front room to show the big boys, who said:

"WHOA! Evan, that is the COOLEST ship!! I've never seen one like that before! Awesome!"

His grin was ear to ear. No blood shall be shed by this Mama bear tonight....
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