Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brew, coffee, brew!

I apparently put the wrong date on EVERY. Single. Invitation. The party is on Sunday, April SIXTH, not 5th. Ughh....

So. Hoping that people know what the hell I was talking about and don't show up unannounced on Saturday the 5th!
Didnt' buy any clothes yet, but am in the process of figuring it into my schedule. Swear.
Woke up this morning thrilled that it was Thursday and that spring break started tomorrow. Until I realized that it's only WEDNESDAY and we have another day left...
Brew, Coffee, Brew!!
Started watching American Idol last week and last night and now the family's hooked. This is actually ok with me, because it's a show we can all enjoy and talk about together. Every single artist that I said "Yuck! He/she needs to get kicked off" Justin would then respond with "I liked that one!!" Especially that Ramiele girl. No offense to the girl herself, but she is a tiny and young looking person who chose a bubblegum song with a goofy accompaniment and then topped it all off with an outfit for a 12 year old. Especially that hat. KILL the hat.

Great. So I am now one of those blogs that talks about American Idol... I apologize!
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