Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another late-night rap with Big T.

Why am I awake???? It's after 12, I'm tired, but I'm up. Le sigh...

So, I spent a ton of VALUABLE time on designing a cute birthday card for Evan's party, only to print them off and see that our printer is truly, truly out of ink this time. The fire is all pink and splotchy and the words aren't legible. Hmmph. So, I used some back-up, generic invites that I keep on hand for just such emergencies to give to Evie's friends tomorrow. Lemme see if I can put a pic of the card just to have someone appreciate my hard work.

See? Frickin cute, right? Thank you.

Hmmm. I just realized that the address wasn't on the invitation, anyway.


Screw it all. I'm beat and don't care anymore...

I'm sure you're all anxious to see what amazing and ridiculous things come out of my mouth, er, keyboard tonight, eh? I usually tend to ramble on and come to some epiphanies in the wee hours of the morning, but tonight? The epiphanies I had in bed? That I want to go back to the way I used to dress. More grunge-hippy-wannabe. Yeah. That's what I feel I should be wearing instead of the majorly Mommish (looks like "Moorish," doesn't it?) bland shirts. I want the breezy, cottony shirts and ragged jeans, again. Oh! And anklets and beaded necklaces. I could also go for a flowery, ankle-length skirt, once in a while... Lemme see if I can drag up a picture or two, just for sh!ts and giggles. And cuz I have you held captive here. NO ESCAPE!!

Ok. These are the only ones in my photo albums upstairs and I don't feel like heading to the basement. That one, above, is what I wore on a daily basis, not just because it was Halloween (oh, what a fun Halloween that was! I won't go into it, as this is a MOMMY BLOG, after all, but, um. I had fun.) I actually wore my floppy rain hat. In the rain. At college. And I. Was. Happy.
Still have the hat...

Me and Patrick in a campground in Indiana, springtime of 1995. The campground was only BARELY open, and we were the only campsite occupied in the ENTIRE Hoover state park (or whatever it was called... something like that, around Indianapolis. Anyone know the real name? Bueller?) The bathrooms weren't even open, so I used a gallon of water to wash under my arms and other spots in a LATRINE. Yes.... I used that bandana as an actual do-rag. And we were a newbie couple, so imagine how secure I must have been to know that I was awesome enough to be with this incredible guy and not even smell good or have smooth legs (trust me. I'm Italian. I MUST shave every day...) I know I am still somewhat confident, but that youthful confidence is lacking nowadays. I want it back.

That's it. I'm shopping tomorrow with Corinne. We are not looking for age-appropriate stuff. I am looking for stuff I like, and then thinking if it can really apply to my everyday life. After all, I am a stay-at-home-mom: if I can't dress the way I like, isn't that a waste?

Also. I want to get some good paints and brushes. I have 3 canvases that are truly old and calling to me. I will probably destroy their surfaces and have to bury them in a shallow grave, but I want to DO something. Good Lord. I sound whiny again, don't I? I don't mean to. I just want to create something and I'm tired and getting punchy but can't foresee myself falling asleep anytime soon. It's now 12:46 a.m. and I'm still going strong.

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