Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another day in my life

Mornin folks. Join me in a cup of coffe, won't ya?

It's raining today, but that's ok, because we finally got outside in the heat wave of yesterday (Whoot! 50 Farenheit.) So, we hit the Brookfield Zoo! Along with every other family in Chicagoland that had spring break... Ah well. Crowds weren't horrific, just a bit tight.

Gotta type fast. I am still in my jammies and Justin's friend is coming over for the day in about 40 minutes...

Saw some animals and their butts. Also saw some really amusing human animals, wearing interesting apparel, to say the least.

To the man wearing a t-shirt stating that "Man Boobs ARE Sexy" I have to tell you that the person who sold you that shirt? Is a liar.

To the 14 year old girl with her jeans that were belted around her butt crack, so that I got a good view of whether or not she wipes her bum completely: Ewww. Ew, ewwwy, ick, gross. I'm not sure why you think that anyone would want to see your ass-crack, especially at a zoo. We can see plenty of naked butts on the baboons, thank you very much. Her mom needed to put her foot down on that clothing call...

My kids were well behaved! Whoot!!! Although, they began melting down a bit when it was lunch time and I kept offering them the non-filling snacks in my bag so as to not wait in the lunch lines. Really, the zoo needs to open more food vendors during spring break. I understand that they aren't needed in the wintertime and shut them down, but during the 2-3 weeks in March where EVERYbody is coming to the zoo, they need extra food!
I was a photo maniac yesterday! Took some really cute ones, but this one, of the boys hugging is a bit funny. I bribed them to hug and "act like they love each other" so that they could get an ice cream cone. Wellll.... they took it a bit too far and hugged each other to the ground, and got hurt... Oops! They definitely earned their ice cream!
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