Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

We had a really busy day yesterday!

We finally got the kids to the sledding hill! Whew. Justin and Evan were beginning to think we'd never get there. And what a great time we had! It is so exhilirating to know that the 2 boys are old enough to go up and down the hill together. I remember when Justin was 5 (as Evan is now). We would have NEVER. EVER. EVER. let him climb a hill and sled down without and adult. And there was Evan, climbing up alone and hurtling down at light speed shouting "coming through!!" They helped each other up there, and laughed and had a good time without arguing. AWE.Some. I did get really weepy a few times, realizing that their childhoods are just FLYING by. And that my boys can climb and sled a hill all alone... it's liberating and shocking and blah blah blah passage of time, blah blah blah.... Corinne got really tired and went back to the car with Daddy while I got to go zipping down for a while. Ahhhh... a nice flip flop from last year when I was the one to sit in the van. :)

We headed over to my sister's house (not the one with a newborn!) and joined in the Super bowl party. Everything was all fine and dandy till about halfway through the second quarter, when Corinne, who had been hacking and coughing all night, passed out on my lap! Ooops... Sorry to everyone who gets sick because I brought my apparently sick toddler over... I had no idea! I feel doubly guilty cuz I took her out sledding yesterday, too!! Of course, I'm sneezing left and right this morning, so I may be paying the price, myself...

Doh! Lost a boot....

Justin had his first male hissy fit over the football score. Kind of funny, especially since it didn't escalate into a full out tantrum as it might have a year ago. I guess he got some squares in the chart thingy and didn't win. Also, the Patriots lost which, unbeknownst to me, is Justin's favorite team. Uh-huh. The kid who never ever watches sports has a favorite team. To the point of being really mad when they lose.... oooookay.

It's really hard to be left inside when your big brother is playing in the snow....

Really, REALLY hard.

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