Tuesday, February 05, 2008

To my light speed daughter...

Yawn.... Corinne. Oh, Corinne... How do I love thee?

From day one, you have amazed and astounded everyone around you. Walking at 9 months? Sure thing. But not only that, you decided to just skip the toddle toddle fall stage, and moved into running and climbing after your brothers. How many times did my heart jump into my throat as I saw my teeeeeeeny tiny baby at the top of the swingset ladder, trying to make that tricky leg swing over the edge to the platform? I should have given you more credit, I know. Your balance and physical agility are gymnastic quality. Gonna have to look into classes for that...

You decided that silence isn't golden, and learned to talk practically overnight. I remember your first birthday, you were jabbering away. Granted, only one word at a time, but loads of words! By the time we went to Disney World, you were 20 months old and could sing several Disney songs, knew all of the characters and had whole stories about what we did there. Again, gonna have to continue to nourish that brain of yours...

And now, our latest conquest, potty training. I jest, though. I mean, really? Training? HA! Who needs to practice sitting on the toilet and staying dry? Apparently, not you. I guess my first suggestion of the princesses on your undies crying if they got wet was enough motivation, or your body and your brain have some sort of super-link cuz you said "Dey sure don't like getting potty and poops on them. Dat'd be pitty 'skusting." And, sure as rain, they have stayed dry every day. In fact, every nap, too. Though I figured that this was just a fluke or phenomenal parenting on my part (you know, cuz I rock at that parenting stuff and planned your drinks and potty breaks-'insert sarcasm here'). However, you have decided that getting your gDiaper wet at night isn't cool, and that you must wake up to pee. At 2 am. Several nights in a row.... You have also figured out that to get wet at naptime is yucky and must result in much screaming and hysteria over a wet bed.... Honey. PLEASE, you're killing Mommy! I'm tempted to put a chamber pot in your crib!!

Sigh.... I am not ready for you to move into a toddler bed just yet, so it appears that we will continue this nightly cycle of calling for Mommy "I wants to potty!!" I am incredibly proud of you and your abilities definitely make my life SO much easier. (I did pay the price with the other 2 kids, so are you my reward from the universe??)

If only all of your stages and hurdles in life would go as smoothly as your babyhood ones have gone... I know life will present you with many hurdles that you may not be able to leap over, effortlessly. But know that I will always be cheering you on in the stands (or helping you over it with a boost if you get stuck).
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