Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day!!

FINALLY!! Our first snow day of the season. We got about 8 inches or so last night. Whoot!! Sledding tomorrow!!! I'd say sledding today, but Corinne was up from 3 am on last night with a low fever. Groannnn... I know, I can't complain toooo much. She's usually a great sleeper and all, but it still sucks when they're sick. We watched Mary Poppins in the wee hours.... I love Julie Andrews! Can't she babysit MY kids??? All I can say is Whew! I don't have to get everyone up and at'em!! Extra coffe in my jammies.... AND it's a Friday, so 3 day weekend, baby!

We may go out to play for a bit later on, but I can't imagine dragging a toddler that is getting over a cold out into the piles of snow.

Dang! My eldest just walked into the room and I SWEAR he grew again last night! He's shooting up like a weed! I have to call the bowling alley today to set up a party for him. Sob! Apparently, I'm old enough to have a NINE year old... Apparently, my baby is allowed to be almost as tall as I am...

My Haiku for Today:

~A perfect Friday~

Heater on full blast

Snow is drifting through my yard

Children close and safe.
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