Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It was a long night. Evan woke up several times last night, screaming in pain. He said it felt like someone was stabbing him in the stomach... Long story short, I got him to the ER around midnight in the middle of a thunderstorm and flooding roads. He was PETrified of going to the hospital. Absolutely shaking with fear, poor baby... Also, let it be said that Evan has never been a "good patient." He isn't usually the one to be calm and put on a brave face. So when he was brave through the i.v. insertion and then the cat scan later on, I was very proud. Especially when you consider the lack of sleep he's had lately, and that it was 2 am when he had the cat scan.

Luckily, there was no appendicitis, no inflammation, no problem with his blood. He had moderate stool which we're going to use a prescription for today, but I really don't think that that is the issue here. The doctor wasn't sure of it either, but we're going to try this route and see if things get better.

I walked back in my door last night (this morning?) at 4:30 am. My mom had come over in the middle of the night to stay with the other kids, (relieving my neighbor who came over immediately. Thank God for good neighbors!) because Patrick is in Ohio. Of course he's in Ohio! Where else would he be in the middle of a rainstorm when I have to rush a child to the ER? He was really worried, and couldn't do anything about it. I don't know if I had the worse parenting role or if he did last night. I can't imagine knowing that Evan was in the hospital and I couldn't even see him...

Thankfully, he's resting upstairs, peacefully. We will get the pain reliever and softener and see what tonight is like. I was actually in the middle of a painting frenzy when he started crying again, so I am surrounded by a half-painted living room/office. I love the color, and will post the funny pics I had planned on showing you guys last night, before the fun began.

Working on 2 hours of sleep here, so I have to go and lie down while Rinny watches Shrek. Cross some fingers or something that he's ok, would ya?
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