Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And here we go again...

Evan was fine, FINE, all day, until 7:00 hit. Sure enough, he started asking for the pain reliever, which I gave him. He is now yelling in agony. Tell me, is there a psychological reason for him to start having problems at nighttime? Cuz I'm gonna kill him if this continues, night after night. He hasn't had nightmares, new stresses, or major life changes. He hasn't changed his diet or routine in any way.

I was signing on to say how well he did today and to show these remotely funny pictures, but now I'm all pissed off and anticipating another horrific night. Pray that I keep my mind... that I remember that at least he didn't test for something awful. Things could be much, much worse, right?

So. Here's my pictures. yay... Take a good look at those unfinished walls, cuz they apparently aren't getting done anytime soon.
Oh yes. I am DEFINITELY having another one of those...
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