Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Hello!!! A busy weekend, but a good one...

First of all, the room is PAINTED! And I feel like doing that Tim Allen grunt here (oah, oah, OAH!) as I am a wonder woman who can move heavy desks, couches, a piano, bookshelves and computers all by herself! Isn't it an empowering feeling to be physically able? Other than finding the screwdriver to finish installing the bookshelves and moving the piano the last 6 inches (it got stuck in a dip in the carpet) I did it all. And I am totally patting myself on the back. I'd be posting pictures of it but for 2 reasons:
1. I haven't bought any of the new accessories I want to finish it off. I'm thinking Hobby Lobby in the next few days...
2. my camera still won't let me delete so I have no space on it!! Patrick promised to look into it as I still haven't the dvd into the player to watch the demo. I hate demos...

Another fun thing was meeting Christina from A Mommy Story! She brought little Mira with her, and let me tell you, that baby is every bit as adorable as her pictures! I even got to witness a few of her hard-earned baby smiles which are just precious. It was also nice to know that no matter how long Justin whined about the ice cream (McD's was soft serve only. He can't stand smooth and "melty" foods like that), or Evan bounced off of the walls (he knocked down half a rack of clothes in Hanna Anderson) or Corinne attacked people (she pinched a little boy at the Hanna Anderson's bead toy. Literally knocked him down and had her way. But the mom was so nice about it...) Christina was going to say she understood. And actually, despite the kids being less than pride-generating, it was a nice afternoon. Of course, neither of us remembered to take a picture... doh.

We are off to my niece's 2nd birthday party today! Looking forward to a party that isn't as high stress as Christmas parties can be and just hanging out with my family. Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend!
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