Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random thoughts...

Oh where to begin, where to begin? Shall I complain and talk about the tantrum that came from one of my male offspring at the family party on Sunday? About the horrific embarrassment of an out and out hysterical fit from a child that I can no longer physically restrain? No.... Too negative, I think.

How about talking, yet again, about how happy I am with how my living room is looking? It doesn't take much to make me happy, you know! The bookshelves I've picked out, the plans for the new wall decorations and some fake plants (cuz real ones? In MY house? Please...) No... Too much exposure, already.

How about how I got NO SLEEP last night cuz both of the boys slept in our bed, and I couldn't, and I mean Could. NOT. get any sleep? And I'm still wearing what I wore yesterday and then to bed last night? But it's kinda ok, cuz no one saw me yesterday and no one will see me today... and I don't smell. At least, I don't think so.... Not that I care. - No... Kinda gross, and I might lose some readers...

I could brag about Evan's abstract art from yesterday, done in watercolor medium. We decided that one looks like a caterpillar crawling along a fence in the grass, with the sun high above. And the other looks like an amoeba. I kid you not, both Patrick and I thought the same thing on different occasions. I'll go scan it now, and you can tell me what you think. I told him I'm gonna frame them. I think I'll start an art wall upstairs...

Caterpillar in the grass...Amoeba? Bacteria? Cosmic constellation?

The cool thing is that he wasn't being instructed to PAINT something. He just did it. Which is rare for Evan. He likes to be led in art most of the time, so I get really excited about anything truly unique.

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