Monday, January 28, 2008

Still breathing!

Hey howdy hey. Still here, just bizzzzeeeee!!!! Quick recap:

1. Snow. Lots of it. So much that Patrick was really late driving home on Friday. But now it's melting.

2. Speech meet. Judged it, saw some good and not-so-good speeches. Came home to a house that was still standing and kids that were fairly cleanish.

3. Saw High School The Musical on ICE on Sunday (whoot). Lemme tell you, I reallllly don't want to say anything bad about the "actors" cuz they're real people who might actually read this someday, but one of the principals was so incredibly cheesy, that I told Patrick (repeatedly) that I wanted to skate out there and slap her. He said that she seemed to have learned how to speak and move from Mickey Mouse. That's how ridiculous she looked. BUT. Enough mean stuff about it, cuz our kids enjoyed it. Especially Corinne. She was shaking her booty and bopping along to the music. Totally worth enduring the cheese to see her face.

4. My sister is at the hospital! She doesn't seem to be ready to deliver just yet, but the baby is coming soon... Very exciting! Cross your fingers for an easy delivery for her...

Got some laundry to put away and a kid bedroom to finish revamping. I didn't tell you? Yeah... Another big project this weekend was putting up bookshelves upstairs for the kids' books (by myself again. Rawr...) and then rearranging the boys' room so that I could clean under their beds. Also, I got a ton of their crap, er, TOYS to the basement so that the empty space in their room is amazing! Love it.

Peace out.
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