Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm an auntie again!!!

And, for the first time for me, I have a NEPHEW!! How cool is that??? My sister and her new baby boy (squee!) are doing fine after a really REALLY fast labor (par for course in my sisterhood) and I can't wait to head up to her hospital tomorrow morning with a tiny blue outfit... Too bad I didn't keep the one from her first pregnancy... I was SURE she was having a boy that time, and actually bought a boy outfit! Yeah... enter my niece. This time, I was SURE she was having a girl, but didn't buy anything. Thank goodness, or else I'd be returning yet another gift!

So. I got to share the news with SOMEONE (ones...) and I am just so excited!!! I can't wait to see little Ryan...

I'm off to wash oodles of baby boy clothes from my basement... Ahh.. memory lane will surely make me cry tonight...

Edited to add: Isn't he sweet?? Such a little doll. He looks JUST like his sister did, too! I had a ball last night, washing all of the tiny boy stuff. I'm going to organize it before I pass it over to my sister. I hit Target on the way to the hospital and they were having a winter sale!! Newborn stuff for 2 and 3 bucks each!! :) Totally made my day. (Of course, I just HAD to buy Corinne a cute new spring dress and socks... ahem.)
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