Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am honored. Kami said I get to put this E thingy on my blog, and who am I to argue? Apparently, I get to give it out to 10 others, but how will I choose just 10?

Here goes...

1. Tricia from Four plus Four equals Ten... I love her humor. She has a big family of funny kids. Nuf said.

2.Beck from Frog and Toad are still Friends... Again, a funny lady with a genuine heart. Somebody I can totally picture having a cup of coffee with.

3. Kristi from Interrupted Wanderlust... A fairly new read of mine... I really appreciate her honesty.

4. Maryam from My Marrakesh... She brings a taste of the exotic to my small Midwestern world.

5. Painted Maypole... A lovely writing style, and she's a sweet person to boot.

6. Melissa from My Woolgatherings... We share a lot of similarities with our kids! It's nice to commisserate.

7. Michelle from My Semblance of Sanity... Turn the volume down before you read her heartfelt posts, cuz she usually has some rockin music plugged in!

8. Rach from Life with Hannah and Lily... Reading her blog after her tragic loss has shown her strength, courage and basic humanity. I am always amazed by her honesty.

9. Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes... Another person that I admire for her honesty and courage in situations that I can only imagine. Plus, she's a truly sweet soul.

10. Jamie from All Things Avery... A mom of another mischievously sweet 2 year old that I would love to hang out with. Her daughter's antics are a sweet story to read.

Ho.Lee. Crap. 10, no ELEVEN links in one post. I'm beat. Thank God I'm drinking wine, or I would have given up around #4.... I may or may not post to you guys to let you know, cuz Honestly??? I'm done. Let's see if you all love me as much as I love you, m'kay?

Here's to hoping you all feel like dancing today!
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