Thursday, December 06, 2007

Let's hear it for the underdog

I think that one of the most underrated natural wonders of the world is frost. No other natural process can create such magic, wonder, and beauty overnight. And the fact that it's so temporary? That if you keep your blinds closed in the morning, you might miss it? Makes it all the more beautiful, to me.

Of course, I have to get used to the winter weather and remember that while you can scrape ice and snow off of your car, the thin layers of frosty fingers over your windshield? Yeah, nothing but a heated car will truly get rid of those. (Picture me driving to school this morning, peering through a teeny defrosted section of the windshield. At least I wasn't the only one...)

I am off to read a few of your lovely blogs while sipping some hot joe, and then to clean the kitchen as a tornado apparently came through this morning in addition to the frost, and then I hope to start the wrapping of the gifts! Just to get the extended family and stuff at least. This will clear up some space in my closet and let me make sure that the kids are close to even. I am not anal about everyone having the same $ spent or the same exact number, but they do need to be close, at least. Oh, and I HOPE to get the Christmas cards done today. Considering I got all of the steps except actually stamping and mailing them last year (yes. I still have about 35 unmailed cards from last year), I had better get them done soon!
I'd like to add that this remarkable site, run by a ten year old and her parents, is doing some great charity work. Please click on over and check them out. If you can't help, you can at least spread encouragement for their causes. Good luck, Laura and family!

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