Friday, December 07, 2007

It's the little things

You all thought I was gonna write another sappy Mommy post, right? Heh. SO WRONG.

How is it that a morning that started off so well, can go so wrong? I managed to get the kids up, fed, snow shoveled, driveway salted, car scraped and running, back inside and still had 3 happy kids eating breakfast. Got everyone out the door on time, into a cold van? Hmm. That's weird, I thought. After 20 minutes, the heater should have had the van steaming hot...

Ah yes. The van, she is not actually RUNNING, just draining the battery... Lovely.

Ok. Walking to school. Come on guys, warmer mittens and hats for me and Corinne and we're off. Managed to pick up a few neighbor kids that really wanted to walk too, (my good deed, I guess) and still got to school on time.

Back home, through the snow with little Rinny in her sneakers and my good neighbor charged my battery for about 20 minutes... and it still won't start. GAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

I hate this van. I want a new one, preferrably one that is better on gas and the environment, preferrably in a bright red again so that my kids can find it in a crowded parking lot, mkay? Doesn't it just figure that this happens, AGAIN, when I was headed out to finish shopping for Christmas (oh and for a formal dress that I just found out I needed for next week's company party!). Oh, and that we just paid it off. Typically the time the vehicle dies is the moment it's paid off, right?

Top the morning off with a couple of phone calls from people who haven't received checks that I mailed over a week ago, and it adds up to a pretty bitchy Tracey.

Snowy, bitter cold
Bad time for the van to die.
Stupid freakin van.

Corinne just came in to make me feel better with some Cookie Crisp. That and her sweet smile. Oh, and now she's singing me Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (with Meow's thrown in every once in a while, just like the AFV video she saw...)

"Dere! You feel so much better, now?"

Yes, I do.
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