Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Just spent a lovely hour in the snow with Evan! We had such fun, just the two of us... I don't get many opportunities to have true alone time with him, and when we're inside, it's so easy to not "play" together and get involved in chores, etc.

We built a pathetic lil snowmen (I never can make good ones... always short and pointy-headed) and I pulled him on the saucer sled for a while. Flipped him over a bunch of times... heh, heh! He also got to play with his friend next door that we don't get to see as much lately, with the school schedules conflicting. And Corinne slept through it all... What a day!

Oh, also? I am (as usual) pissed at all retailers that haven't figured out that we need LOTS of boots, mittens, etc. in Illinois. Cuz, you know, it snows and all. Oh, and that we will STILL need that snow gear come January, so please don't start the spring line of clothes until, well, SPRING, m'kay? Corinne and I ran out this morning and I got the LAST PAIR of size 4 snow boots for Justin at Target. Wal-Mart didn't even HAVE his size!! COME ON!!!! It's only December 5th!!

Rant over.

Anybody else get lots of snow??
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