Monday, December 10, 2007

15 days till Christmas!

Van's in the shop. I'd appreciate a little prayer that the bill isn't too high. Please?

M'kay. I just spent WAY too long sewing 25 jingle bells on 25 stockings and painting 25 names on said stockings for Justin's 3rd grade party. And THIS is why I am NEVER room mom. I am merely "helping" with the party, and I get such a fun treat? Yay... Actually, it's ok. I don't mind too much, but I do think that the kids won't give a flying fart. I did, however, make sure to point out to Justin exactly HOW cool his mom is that she did such an awesome feat in one afternoon.

This, in addition to walking to and from school twice in the freakin ice. ICE. With a 2 year old. Who either wants to walk reallllly slowly, saying "Oh, dat's not so bad, Mommy! Dat's not so sipppery!" Or, saying "You gots to carries me, Mommy! I tired! I sipppery!"

I am not seeing that silver lining over the van being dead today. Not so much.

So, can this sewing and painting count as my good deed that won't get recognized by most?

I think it can.
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