Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Heh. I have been telling my kids that Christmas is on Sunday/Monday (Eve/Day) for weeks now. Heh... Then I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized it is Monday/Tuesday. Doh!


They all have that early cough. You know, slightly hacking sound. Lovely. Considering last year, when Evan slept through Christmas dinner and presents, I hope that any colds they may be getting are done and over with SOON.

I have 2 neighbors that are obviously nicer than I am, as they both brought me Christmas cookies with cards. I gave them cards... OH WELL! I appreciate the thought, and realize that every good thought doesn't have to be reciprocated in full. It is OK if someone gives you a gift and you don't give one in return. It's probably a good idea to remember for next year, but I really don't want people giving ME gifts because they feel they HAVE to, so I'm sure others feel the same way. Also? If someone only gives you a gift with the idea that they'll get one in return? Well, they'll stop giving you gifts and you won't have to worry about it for too many more Christmases!

My 2 cents.


My daughter has a huge ole bow in her hair right now. Cracks me up, especially since she still has baby hair. It's hanging on by a few long hairs... But she chose it out of the bag o' girly clips, so I put it on. Gotta encourage her tolerance for hair things, cuz I really don't like hair in her eyes. Drives me batty! (I sound old, don't I? Or at least a little bit like the Count...)

She just sneezed on my hands. Lovely...

Yesterday, after forgetting that our insurance carrier had changed since our last pediatrician visit and that I didn't have the proper card ON me, so our visit to the dr (which was going AWESOME with the nurse. She was a regular chatty Cathy!) got cut short (but it was only a check-up and I had to force myself to do it anyway. I hate checkups. Waste of money...) Corinne and I headed to the mall to just play at the play area. She was a good GOOD girl, and played really well with the other kids. In fact, when one kid pushed her in an effort to take over her spot at the coveted toy car, Corinne's face went a little wacko before she looked over at me (I was shaking my head violently in an attempt to thwart a baby war) and then she KISSED the other girl! I was cracking up. And then I apologized to the other mom, as I know that mom was a bit germ-a-phobic (she kept washing her daughter's hands with alcohol wash. I didn't tell her how ridiculous I thought that was, as everyone's entitled to their own neuroses, right?).

After playing, she wanted to see all of the toys at Disney Store, and then we went to wave to Santa. She decided, on a whim, that she really wanted to say HI to him, so we went up to him (no line!) and just stood in front of him, told him she wanted a bike and a doll, Merry Christmas, and thanks for the sucker. I was so proud! No screaming. YAY! Now, if the jolly old elf had tried to have her sit on his lap? Yeah... that would have been a different story.

OOH! Gotta jet. Time for school.
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