Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas moments...

Let me never, NEVER forget last night... watching my husband and 2 year old daughter dancing to love songs by the Christmas lights. I sat quietly in the corner, watching and knowing, just knowing, that the time from then till her wedding dance would fly. FLY by. I will look at her one day, graceful, beautiful, brilliant (and probably taller than I!) and weep with joy at the amazing person she has always been.

For now, I can hold that picture in my heart. I can pull it out when she dances with Daddy again, but is taller and older. I surely will cry, as I did last night. I will remember that, after she left to run laps around the house with her brothers, Pat and I danced by the lights. Close, romantic, genuine... His 6'4" body by my 5'2" one. We danced for no one but ourselves and the lights.

I am blessed...
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