Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Ahhhh!! The post-Christmas clutter problem. Where to put new things? Where to put old stuff? What should we get rid of? Why is there so much packaging to every little toy?

I know I am so lucky to be able to be aggravated by these small problems. I have 3 healthy children and enough money and family to give them too many presents. BUT. The tiny little twisty ties on the back of tiny little plastic pieces? I mean, come ON. Ridiculous.

We had a decent Christmas, even with the kids all being at different stages of sick. Corinne had a fever and runny nose, but got along happily enough. She is, however, on a nursing strike (which is making me quite uncomfortable and having to pump for the first time in I don't KNOW when). She bit me quite hard on Christmas morning, causing me to scream very loudly, which scared her. So, every time she gets ready to nurse, she starts to cry. Sigh... I soooo do not want to end my last nursing experience and end hers with a situation like that. So, I continue to offer and hope.

Evan was happy as a clam until about 6 pm, sitting at my parents' house. He practically fell asleep at the table! And when we walked him to the couch, he passed out! Poor baby wouldn't even wake up to open presents with everyone! Later on, he did wake up and I let him open them up then, but it was pretty pathetic, with Evan sleeping on the couch while everyone else yelled and threw paper and had chaos.

Justin, well. He didn't ask for any specific things this year, and he's getting a bit older, so his presents aren't as big or cutsey as the littler kids. He didn't act rudely (very much) but he was definitely not impressed on Christmas night. Also, he wasn't feeling himself, coughing and even had a small throw up episode after dinner (yay).

Today, we have been doing Moon Sand (cool), Shake and Go Raceway (cool), a kitchen set, movies, a new video game, Flarp (omg, so funny. Farting putty), Lego sets, and a spy set. Everything is very very nice. I must say, the kids got some really great presents and a big variety this year.

I got tickets from Patrick to see the King and I in January at a dinner theater! Very awesome! Also, a smoothie maker, a BIG coffee cup (yay!), clothes, and some new perfume. I was so surprised by the tickets (he even set up the babysitter for the day!!) that the rest is all just gravy.

I hope you all had nice Christmases! I plan on eating leftover lasagna and drinking my new gourmet coffee in my big mug while getting over the lovely cold the kids are sharing with me.
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