Saturday, December 15, 2007

Unexpected excitement!

I was going to write a post about my frenzied trip to the mall today (TODAY, the Saturday that's a week before Christmas! Crazy.) I was going to write about the outfits I saw (I truly saw my first REAL pimp. I shit you not. A fuzzy hat, the gold bling, the pointy boots and swagger. I turned and stared... ), the people in such a great mood (G*d Damnit! Stop that! Get over here! Grumble, whine, screech!), the parents that were just BEGGING for a psycho to snatch their children (Seriously? On one of the busiest days of the year, you're going to let your 3 year old wander 20 feet behind you? I almost slapped a few parents over that one...) and the sales people that were actually really sweet and helpful as I was really nice to them first (It really pays to be kind. You'll get it back a thousand fold. Just a little Suzy Sunshine moment there...).

But instead, I'm going to write that I am SO HAPPY that I bumped into a friend from high school! Well, actually, I sort of chased him to make sure it was him, before banging on his arm to get his attention (wearing ear phones). Thankfully, he recognized me right away and we hugged and it was so sweet. J and I were in theater and speech team together. I had invited him to my wedding, but he had moved, left no forwarding address, and I couldn't find him... We lost contact and I always wondered what he was up to. He was a year behind me, so I couldn't meet up with him at the reunion, though I did accost a guy a week ago at a speech meet and asked him if he was J (seriously, they could have been brothers). Very weird coincidence, don't you think?

So, I got 2 of my hardest people for Christmas finished, but I'm even happier that I got the phone number of one of my old buddies. Can't wait to catch up with him!
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