Saturday, December 01, 2007


Ahhhhh.... What a way to wake up! A cold morning, kids still sleeping, I actually got to shower AND without anyone knocking on my door asking for something. I'm sitting at my computer with a hot cup of peppermint holiday coffee (really good-especially with a mint or chocolate cookie.... yummmmmm) and thinking about the day ahead of us. Unfortunately, Patrick has to work this morning/afternoon, so we can't get the tree today. We're getting that bright and early tomorrow morning, instead. And since their Daddy is gone and it's the last truly free weekend day before the Christmas plans begin (our first Christmas party is tomorrow afternoon!), I thought I'd take them out for some fun.

We're hitting the school first and having doughnuts with Santa. Fairly cute, the kids get to see Santa (though Justin said no picture, please, cuz he's not "really into that") and it's only a dollar a kid. I told Corinne yesterday that we were seeing Santa today and she immediately shouted "Yay! I get a bike!" Um. Noooo... I had to explain that all he gives us today is a hug and a picture with some gooey donuts. I also need to remind Santa that she'd realllllly like a big girl bike. Make sure he doesn't forget...

Then we're heading to a Lego expo. Very excited about that! The kids are big BIG Lego fans. Then we're heading home to get Justin to a friend's house, Corinne down for a nap, and hope to beat the snowstorm that's supposed to be hitting our area tonight. Whooot!!! Hope it sticks!

So, a reminder to all Chicagoland bloggers: prepare your cars for inclement weather! I always have extra blankets, water bottle (that invariably freezes, but still), extra diapers, spare dollars and my cell phone. Tis the season to get stuck on the side of the road, so be careful!


Is anybody else really excited that today is the first day of December?? I am so happy! Does anybody else know a really, reallllly grouchy Scrooge? I never did, but met one last night at Justin's Cub Scout meeting. One dad had some really awful things to say about how he couldn't get to January fast enough, couldn't live far enough from his family, and dreaded buying a single present for anyone. I just felt this extreme sadness for him and his family that the holidays could be so dreary.

Now, maybe there are some awful memories associated with Christmas for him. Perhaps this is season that tragedies have struck him. I can't discount that possibility. But I think it is more that he is angry with the commercialism. Which, if that is the case, is his own fault. Your holidays are only as commercialized as you let them become. Think your kids are too greedy and get too many presents? Then don't get them as many! Duh... Your extended family drives you insane and you loathe visiting them? Then miss this year's festivities and see if it makes the holidays better for you. You might find that you actually MISS your crazed relatives. I know that big to-do's stress some people out, but without family and celebrations, life would ordinary days, every. single. day. Enjoy the season! Don't go shopping if you can't stand the crowds! Buy everyone online or just something simple.

I hear a small person calling my name from her crib. Hope your weekend is cheerful, and your travels safe.
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