Monday, December 03, 2007

22 days left!

Ack! Cleaning crazed maniac over here. Just had to say that we GOT the tree yesterday, despite the rain that started to pelt our van on the way there. It cleared at the farm, we got out, got cookies, laughed, got muddy, found a tree, smiled for pics, got muddier, laughed some more, ate more cookies, and drove home in more freezing rain.

Managed to leave 2 minutes before 1 which is AMAZING since I wanted to leave at 1 o'clock! Of course, we had to go back for the pacifier, but that was still within our subdivision, so it's a mulligan. The kids had a fabulous time at our big extended family party (though it isn't as big as it used to be, sadly...). Santa even made it though we hadn't been sure we were going to see him! The kids loved their presents (small but fun) and had a blast running rampant in the community center.

So. I have to finish cleaning so that there is a SPOT for the tree that is drying off in our garage. My plan is to put the lights on while the kids are in school. Wish me luck!
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