Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Conversation with Evan today:

While watching Transformers, we come upon a scene where the mom asks her son if he was masturbating. Evan, of course, asks what that means.

(after briefly mulling over the idea of saying "I don't know" or something equivalent, I followed through with my decision of always giving them the true answers to sexual questions. But I still blinked a few times...)

I told him it was the name for when older boys played with their penises. He said "Oh." and we continued on watching. I waited for the next, inevitable question...

"Why do they play with their penises?"


"Um, because it feels good, I guess. But they always do it in private. And some people get embarrassed about it, so that's why the boy and daddy were acting so weird. Ok? Any more questions? No? Ok, let's watch the robots."


For the record, I was really dismayed that the editing crew felt that this scene was necessary in such a family-oriented movie. They KNEW that young boys would be watching the show. They marketed the toys for the 6-10 year olds. There was no call to have a masturbation joke sequence in the movie. But it did make for a good conversation with my 5 year old, so thanks...
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