Friday, November 09, 2007

You know what pisses me off?

Well, a lot of things. But right now? What is really, REALLY making me infuriated??

The notes I keep getting from school. Not regarding my children! Oh no. My kids are fine. Regarding a man in a silver minivan that has been stalking and attempting to pick up children in our town for the past 6 weeks. Seriously. This is the 5th or 6th slip from school that is reporting a police documented incident in which a Caucasian male, 30's, silver minivan has been seen either calling to children, taking pictures of them, or actually getting out of his vehicle and attempting to abduct them.

What am I supposed to do? I am terrified for all of the kids in our town! My kids are personally escorted to and from school every day and are never allowed to roam free, always supervised. But hundreds of kids, especially in that "I'm too old to need protection" age of 10 and up are wandering free, and are encountering this man. This previous incident involved him taking pictures at a school and driving away when approached by the principal! What will happen to our town, to a family, to a child if he actually gets ahold of one of our children?

I will never understand the human brain and its capacity for corruption. I cannot fathom a day in my life where I would ever be able to raise my hand in hatred to want to kill, injure, or abuse someone. Every person, no matter their age, is somebody's baby. Whether they were loved intensely for their entire lives or abused severely or somewhere in between, I cannot understand the ability to break from societal norms. To want to hurt someone's baby...

Perhaps it's because I'm a mother. I know what it takes to grow, birth and raise a child. The sacrifices it means to a woman to love a child so much it can actually knock you down, slap your face, and take away your breath.

Fury and outrage doesn't describe my emotions right now. I am frustrated, sickened, and overwhelmed by the inability to aptly protect my own babies, let alone the world's...

People: please know where your children are. And take the time to see if you've seen these other missing children. Somebody's babies...
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