Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sweet nothings...

"Mommy, will you cuddle wif me?" I heard last night, as I was settling on my bed with a glass of wine and "Men in Trees" on the dvr.

I held in my sigh and internally repeated my silent mantra "He'll only be 5 once..." and went to cuddle with Evan.

We were all curled up and I could hear his breathing slowing and feel his body relaxing as I noticed him sighing sadly.

"What's wrong, baby boy?"

"Oh, I was just thinking of the old days." he said, wistfully.

Choking back my burst of laughter with a cough, I asked what he was thinking of...

"Oh, I was just remembering pre-school. I had show and tell every Monday (no show and tell in kindergarten), we had those cool car tracks and I got to play more."

Apparently, kindergarten is more work and less play. Poor guy.

I rubbed his arm and agreed that preschool sure was fun, and it was ok to miss it. We then snuggled until he passed out, his little hand in mine...
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