Thursday, November 08, 2007

A prayer for me and my middle child...

Give me the strength not to strangle him when he whines about getting a bath.

Give me the strength not to double strangle him when he cries about NOT getting a bath.

Give me patience to call his name 5 times before I get frustrated and yell, instead of my usual 2 times.

Give me insight to realize that this is a phase and shall pass, sooner or later... someday I'll be wondering what all the fuss was about, right? RIGHT???

Give me faith that he will, on occasion, actually tell the truth, and to not assume it's a lie...

Give me ear plugs, so that his incredible volume doesn't give me headaches.

I've got the incredible, all-consuming love.

I know that someday, this will be a distant memory and I will yearn for the 5 year old boy who still curls up in my arms and calls me "Mama" instead of "Mommy."

I've got the daily desire to do better.

I've got the understanding of the extreme blessing I have in such a beautiful, outgoing, child. A child that is desperately trying to get my attention, though he already HAS it... A child that acts before he thinks which is both wonderful and disastrous.

I sure do love him...
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