Wednesday, November 07, 2007

FYI: 48 days till Christmas.

Well, the Field Museum rocked yesterday. Hardly anyone there, LOTS to do and the kids had a fabulous time. No melt downs, no crying, no problems... I love days like those! Aside from driving the campus loop for about 8 minutes, looking for the South Parking Lot at the Field Museum (which I never found. We parked by the Planetarium and walked a few blocks) we had no issues!!

The kids really loved the Evolving Planet exhibit. What's not to like? Dinosaurs, tons of interesting information, wonderful layout... great exhibit. I personally could have spent all day in the Ancient Americas (or whatever it's called) with all of the information on early civilizations, but they tired of it after half an hour and that was the one spot that there were actually tours going through, so we cut that section short. The minerals, gemstones, Africa, Ancient Egypt and some of Asia were so interesting to all of us. And we rounded the day off with a stop at the lower level Family play area thing. Again, it was EMPTY, so I was able to let all 3 just run around and explore at their own paces instead of ushering all 3 from one section to another. Even Justin really enjoyed the hands on stuff, though it said it was geared for 2-6 year olds. He totally loved playing with his brother and the play diaramas. Corinne had a blast in the play Pueblo, planting corn and making block pyramids.

I also have to add that I was thrilled to find out that the Corner Bakery inside the museum was actually reasonably priced! I KNOW. In downtown Chicago, in a freakin museum? I fed all 4 of us for $16. SIXTEEN. (Shoot, I could have bought a cotton candy for that much...) And the ladies working there were sweet and friendly. I was standing there at 1:00 (definitely go after the lunch rush. It was EMPTY), trying to corral the three of them who were bouncing up and down, shouting "Oooh! A M&M cookie!! PUH-LEEEEEASE?!!!" and figuring out what we needed to eat, when the lady behind the counter came out, carried the tray for me, and helped me find a table.

We are heading off to the library (hopefully) today to do a children's storytime. IF I get this coffee into my system fast enough and IF I can get my rear in gear. So, on that note, I gotta go.
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