Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A "Field" trip... gawd, I'm lame...

Feeling better. Good enough to follow through on my promise to take the kids to the Field Museum today! All fellow Chicagolanders, remember to check into the museum schedules as they have lots of free or discount days. Today is a discount day at the Field Museum (only $15 for all 4 of us!) so we're off to see dinosaurs, Egyptians, evolution, and other awesome stuff. Also, the aquarium is FREE today, for any fish lovers. Check out the schedules!
Also, a note to self: when lying in bed with stomachaches for hours on end, your 2 year old WILL get into the following, if not more:

1.syrup - it's apparently fun to mix in a bowl of peanuts...
2.candy - I guess she's smart enough to push a chair over and get into that jar on the 3rd shelf. Gotta put it up higher...
3. ice - this is very fun to get out of the dispenser and scatter all over the floor. a bit slippery, though..
4. the dvd player upstairs - yeah, it's dead. Not sure what happened, exactly, but it was all sticky and smelled of syrup. Oh, and Happy Feet was covered in goo, inserted crooked and jammed the player so badly that I had to use a butter knife (a woman's best tool) to pry it open. She admitted to it and said "I so sarsi, Mommy..." with big ole puppy dog eyes.

So. Let this be a lesson to all Moms: don't get sick.
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