Monday, September 17, 2007

Oy, my aching scanner.

Whew. I just spent waaaaaayyyy too long scanning about 40+ pictures of me and Patrick from our early days. I plan on making a montage or something for our anniversary. Also, did you know that the MOMENT you have children, you stop taking pictures of yourselves as a couple? Seriously. Check out your picture albums. It has been HARD to find pictures of both of us in one, let alone with nobody else in them. I just said screw it and have been including pics of us with our kids, too. But nobody else. I wanted this to be about me and him and nobody else. The kids ARE of our love, so they get a part in the montage, but they aren't the main focus, you know? Wow. Ten years. Ten years on Thursday! Crazy.

Heh. Corinne just came in with her Minnie Mouse doll and a diaper wipe and said "Minneeeeee Mouse Gusting." (disgusting) as she wiped her butt repeatedly. Hmmm. Think she hears that often? Then it was "All keen. All fesh." (clean and fresh. Isn't that crystal clear?)

I have ignored my family way too much tonight and must put the kids to bed. I'm off! Sorry for neglecting you all, but my mother in law is spending the weekend here and I have been trying to actually CLEAN my house instead of just follow the heathens around with a bucket before giving up.

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