Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hey Howdy Hey. Just a note... no real words of wisdom or gems of humor. Just hi.

It's been busy lately, and I haven't been online much. Not a bad thing, but I often wonder at the whole blogging addiction I so OBVIOUSLY have... Am I truly looking for real friends? Cuz as much as I love talking to everyone here, there is no committment. No accountability, to a point, as to what I can say and who I can talk to. I can make a "friend" by just making a comment here and there and never really talking to someone more than a few moments each month. Is that REALLY a friend? Is reading letters back and forth and making small nods and expressions sufficient? Obviously not, but it's better than the alternative, which is living in my little corner of the world without ever making contact with other people. Not that I'd be THAT much of a recluse, but people definitely do live in their homes more, and not in the community as much. I am just as guilty as the next person.

ANYWAY. After that lovely little gripe/moan/whatever, I have to go back to the regularly scheduled day. Which DOES include a shower today. Oh yes. I am living it UP!

Me and my sister in the "before" shot. (a Polaroid that was quickly fading to crackled wasteland)

And after I've messed with it a bit. Still haven't perfected working on skin tones. Each time I try, we end up looking like we have make up on. Still, I'm working on them, and plan on scanning every old photo, especially the Polaroids, that I can. Before more damage befalls them...
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