Sunday, August 12, 2007

A new addiction

Oh crap. I am in serious trouble. Patrick bought a new printer that is really nice. And it came with a really nice photo printer thingy. (Which I figured out already!! I KNOW. I'm amazed, too.) Aaaannnnddd, it came with a scrapbooking program... which I've been on for over 2 hours... at 2:30 a.m..... and I CAN. NOT. STOP.

Let's see if I can load them here, to show off a bit...

Hmmm. Guess not. I will figure it out, eventually. Trust me, in that I spent WAY too much time picking out just the right baubles and crap to insert here and there... This may take over scrapbooking as I know it! Well, maybe not. I still do enjoy the feel of the paper in my hands, the crunch of the cutter going through the photos and the handwritten stories that I put into their books. But I may add these pages as bonuses, or just make a whole new scrapbook for MYSELF, as the other ones are for the kids to take with them as they get older... Hmmm.... How expensive is the whole printer cartridge thing, anyway?

Oh! And I am messing around with the new printer! I just printed out photos that I had only had on the computer from emails and such and I now have hard copies!! I am in HEAVEN over this!! And I made a pic of Pat and Rinny into Sepia toned, and putzed around with a Polaroid of me when I was 2 weeks old,

and I have been having way too much fun all by myself. Oh, and I'm drinking Tequila Rose on the rocks, all alone... WOOOHOOOO!!!! Saturday night never knew what it was missing, baby!!
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