Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well, waah wahh for me, yesterday. Hormonal fluctuations are FUN. Sorry if I hurt any feelings. I didn't mean to. I just wanted a physical friend to hang with, and all of mine seem to live too far away.

Tra laa laaaaa!!! (30 points to the first person to tell me the character that says that line). I spent a lovely hour last night watching Justin at soccer practice. He was a normal kid, with average abilities, and having a great time. It's so refreshing!

We went to Play it Again Sports store to get him some new soccer shoes, shin guards and socks for the both of them. It ended up costing me what it normally would have cost for a brand new pair of shoes ONLY. Yay! Of course, since it was getting so late in the morning, and cutting into Corinne's naptime, I decided to just shop at Dominick's instead of the other grocery store that is further down the highway and way less expensive. Ahem. Any money I saved at the sports store, I spent double of in Dominick's. They SUCK. TOO EXPENSIVE. I'm sorry, but if you are selling the EXACT SAME prepackaged item in your store for twice the amount? Well, that just sucks. And you are thinking you are way too cool of a store. And your store will DIE when Super WalMart finishes being built. So phhhbbbtttt on you and your fancy schmancy prices. Me no like you.
As Michele was saying yesterday, babies seem to be everywhere lately. I don't think I'm going through a baby fever, myself. Especially seeing as how I still HAVE a "baby" and she is our last. But that is what I am going through: our LAST. No more tiny expectations and hopes while pregnant. Never to feel a baby dance and squirm inside of me. Never to experience labor again... that may sound strange, as labor is no fun (duh) but it's such a powerful feeling. You feel like you can do ANYthing after pushing a child out of your body... and that feeling is over for me. Sigh... Am I getting old? Well, obviously, older, but I'm thinking this is a mini-pre-midlife-crisis. Mini. And it will hit again when Corinne reaches other milestones. Like her turning 3? Get out the tissues. I have been pregnant with another each time the boys turned 3, so that will be FUN. Fun, I tell you.
Whooo doggy! This is a fun blog lately!! Bring on the party favors!

Quick info note: We bought Kellogg's cereal straws at the store-which-won't-be-named yesterday, and the kids are LOVING them. If your kid doesn't like to drink milk (not that mine don't like it!), then this may be a way to sneak it into them.
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