Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh where, oh where, can my BAAABY be???

My son. Don't recognize him? Me neither. The hair, it grows. And grows....

"I want long hair, Mommy! Like Daddy had when he got married to you!"

I am constantly chasing him with a brush and water, trying to tame the beast that is the curly mop on his head. He is constantly pressing it forward, moaning "Mooooommmmyyyy..." and running away.

He wants to be cool. Can I handle that?

And thus begins the adventure into big-kid-dom. Opinions on hair. What's next? Telling me what he wants to wear? Um, I still have complete control in that area. Not ready to hear you have a differing opinion, bud. As it is, Corinne is already exercising her feminine rights by requesting "princess dress" every morning (FYI, every dress is a princess dress. Didn't you know? We have the red princess, the blue princess, the princess that wears shorts, the princess that wears pants. Think I called her a princess too much???)

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