Friday, August 17, 2007

Princes, yes, but wolves and humans too.....

Annnnd another 28 points to identify that song. No fair googling.

My mom came and took the boys to see Shrek 3 at the dollar show! :) Buh-BYE!!! Sadly, Corinne put her shoes on too, and was running around with a smile from ear to ear saying

"I go too!! Bye bye , Nana!! Woook!! Shoes ONNNN!!!!!"

This joy turned into devastation when Nana had to leave without her. The tears! The rejection! My heart hurt for her, but she was consoled when I told her that Nana would play toys with her when she woke from her nap. She choked out an "Oookaaayyy..." as she laid her head on my chest and sniffled her way to sleep.

Poor baby! It's hard to be the youngest, sometimes.

Don't rush to grow up so fast, baby mine... "stay with me...."
And now for something completely different:

Seriously??? Another addicitive element for my Blogging?

I just HAD to jump on the bandwagon and figure out the sitemeter thingy, didn't I?? And I just HAD to check out the googles that led people to me, didn't I??

This is going ot be hard to ignore. I mean, sepia toned pregnancy? WTF??? Who googles that? When I google things, it's usually a phrase that means something, or a topic. Never mishmash words that mean nothing thrown together. Or is this just me? Or am I missing something? Is there such a thing as sepia toned pregnancy??

Whichever the case may be (I'm leaning towards the "Tracey's still 10 years behind in technology" reasoning), I'm hooked.
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