Friday, August 10, 2007

One. Hundred. And. Two.


Nuff said.
Went to the Health Department for Evan and Corinne's immunizations today as our new insurance still hasn't sent the cards. Figures, eh? We FINALLY, after 8 years of parenting, have an insurance company that COVERS immunizations, and they're dragging their feet on the cards, so I STILL have to go to the county for them. Sigh...

Wouldn't be so bad if I had a more general idea of how long it would take to get in and out of there. As it was, we spent 2 hours there!

But, aside from tears and a bit of whining, it wasn't awful.

We did, however run into my dad's first cousin that I haven't seen in over 10 years!! What a shocker! Got to say hi and pass along some love. Small world...

Ok, well Evan just ran outside (icky!! HOT!) and I have to go monitor so have a great weekend! We hope to finally hit the pool!
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