Thursday, August 09, 2007

My dad.

Me at 10 months with my Dad... Isn't that such a typically sweet photo? And don't you just love that couch?? My dad tries so hard. He had a very rough childhood and has spent years recovering from trauma and injuries from Vietnam(shrapnel to the chest, malaria, and cancer when I was a child that can't be dismissed from Agent Orange). Stuff that I've never heard him talk about, but know still hurts him. When I think of where he's come from, I'm amazed at how "normal" he actually was and is.

And it's pictures like this one that make me see how much he treasured us, and was thrilled to have his own family to love. Life hasn't always been perfect or even easy, but I know that he loves me and my sisters without qualifications, and would do anything for us and our families.
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