Thursday, July 12, 2007

Skitter scatter

Man. You know it's summer when you spend the entire day thinking it's Wednesday, and it's Thursday...
Why does my daughter insist on pushing, poking and being less than nice to her little cousin?? Her cousin is 3 months younger than Corinne, but they are complete opposites as far as personalities and such. Poor Mary will be just minding her own business, and Corinne will just push her over, with a look of "Whaddya gonna do about it??" Yeah. Can you tell she's trying to be bigger than somebody else? Guess which cousin is the youngest of 3? Here's to hoping she grows out of this phase FAST.
It's been GORGEOUS weather lately. 79 and sunny with fluffy clouds that distracted me on the road today. Just beautiful. Days like today get me all religious and mystified at the universe and such. I know, I'm deep. The whole "I'm itty bitty and the universe is HUGE and wow and all..."
Wow. Six o'clock!! Gotta feed the chillins.

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